Some people grow on you.

You like them, adore them, think they’re great and one day, like Saul struck to Paul, you realize,

"I am in love with her…"

Theres that moment of elation-terror and then doubt.

"Oh my Gawd, she could never…" and then you realize, its okay, she doesn’t have to love you back.

I think its the expectation of more, that ruins many a relationship in that sparks fly and everyone expects the rest to be a Disney-esque perfect ending where everyone gets everything they want and lives happily ever after.

Love is never perfect and there are always insurmountable objects but what LOve does, is make all of that, irrelevant.

Love is about compromise and giving without expectation.

Its about putting someone elses needs, wants and happiness above yours.

Funny thing is, sometimes when you do that, it gets returned.

It doesn’t have to be equal measure, love keeps not count.

I think I loved her all along. I just never realized I had a heart to give.

In fact, the thought hadn’t occurred to me until she stole it.